What To Wear To The Fair

Just writing this post makes my mouth water. See I have a confession to make. I’ve never been to THE BIG Georgia fair. Sure, I’ve been to tons of smaller ones, but not the one that has all the good stuff (i.e….FOOD). So now that it has been settled that I’ll be going next month, I personally have one agenda- TO EAT.

I HAVE to have a turkey leg and my boyfriend says there’s some dessert with granny smith apples and ice cream that’s a must try. O.M.G. I’m so excited!!!! lol *calms myself*

But after all the excitement of what I’m going to eat wore off, I started thinking, “What am I going to wear??” Hence the writing of this blog post. Assessing the situation from a fashion standpoint, I have a pretty good idea of what I should and should not wear. So here is my wardrobe inspiration and my DO’s and DON’Ts for the fair.

What to wear to the fair

DO wear comfortable clothing. Unless you’re on a diet in which case I suggest you wear the tightest pair of pants you own. But from what I can tell, going to the fair is really all about pigging out on the things you would NEVER eat in your everyday life. I mean really…Fried Kool-Aid and sticks of butter??!

DON’T wear light colors or delicate fabrics. The rides are rusty and the food is greasy. I know you want to look cute for your date (or the one you’re trying to get), but if you have a huge food stain or rip in your top…How sexy are you really going to feel? Keep it cute and practical.

Do wear plaid! It’s fall appropriate and confuses the eye. If you spill something on yourself (and let’s face it…it’s bound to happen at some point), NO ONE will ever know! #shhhhh

DON’T forget your medicine. Your stomach isn’t used to this greasy goodness, so be prepared with Tums, Pepto tablets…..Whatever works for you when your stomach has decided it hates your guts. *pun intended* And if not for you, bring it for the ones you love. I just know that after all that eating, someone is going to feel some-kinda way. Lord I pray it isn’t me….

DO bring a Ziploc bag or small Tupperware container if your handbag permits. I have a feeling your eyes get bigger than your stomach at a fair. No need to let good and expensive food go to waste! Save it for later.

DON’T forget GERMS ARE REAL people! Closed toe shoes and hand sanitizer is a MUST. You might even want to throw in a travel size pack of wet ones. But here’s to hoping you get one of the better porta-potties!

I need some suggestions!! Leave a comment below telling me what YOUR FAVORITE FAIR FOODS are!


4 thoughts on “What To Wear To The Fair

  1. My combo every year, any fair: Corn dog, funnel cake (1/2 with powdered sugar 1/2 with apple topping), I coerce whoever I go with to get an italian sausage so that I can have a couple of bites of that, cotton candy, and ALWAYS a caramel apple to go home.

    • LOL! Coercing people to get Italian sausage, hahaaha. I tried to tell HB we could share and he was like, “No. I’m setting aside $150…Get your own! We ain’t sharin’ nothin’!!”

  2. In that order, every time… oh and an Icee lemonade to wash it down. Someone always caves on the Italian sausage! lol
    Yall gotta go this year, it’s coming up! Yup, put a nice stack aside for the occasion, it happens once a year, no limits.

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