Tropic Isle Living: The REAL Jamaican Black Castor Oil

I’m back Royals!

When I was contacted by Tropic Isle Living to do an interview with the owner Lois Reid-Hines, I was more than excited. Anyone who has been on a healthy hair care journey for more than 5 minutes has run across these infamous words….Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO). Hair Gurus and entire message boards are dedicated to this product. I myself joined one of the dozens of hair challenges dedicated to using JBCO for accelerated hair growth and increased thickness.

In the wake of all the success that Tropic Isle Living has had, Lois and her husband Michael are re-launching their company based on the core principles they were founded upon. Before our interview, I had prepared a few questions that I wanted Lois to touch on. However, I never had a chance to ask them because she answered them all! The passion and love for her business is clearly apparent in every captivating word she speaks. She is an extremely humble and gracious woman. Her first words were, “Thank you for allowing me to tell my story….” And what a story it is!

About 20 years ago Lois and her husband Michael where working for a man that would ultimately change their way of thinking. Lois fondly recalls how Brother Rashaun, owner of Sundial Herbs & Herbal Products in New York taught them how to live a healthy lifestyle. Lois and her husband Michael believe in not only holistic beauty and hair products, but a holistic mindset as well.

She teaches women how to be healthy from the inside out. Having healthy skin and hair isn’t accomplished by only applying healthy products, but by adopting healthy habits. I couldn’t agree more! I admire Lois and her husband for sticking with their convictions. What started out as humble store to store sales in New York, quickly went internationally viral in 2007 with the help of social media.

One thing that Lois stressed to me was the authenticity and integrity of her company’s products. The success of Tropic Isle Living’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil has caused many “band wagon” companies to release hair care lines of their own. But don’t be fooled by imitations. Tropic Isle Living was the first to coin the name; Jamaican BLACK Castor Oil. “We process the Jamaican Black Castor oil the traditional way. The seeds are roasted until they turn a dark golden color. Many people think that the darker the castor oil, the more potent it is. That’s simply not true. You have to be very careful not to burn them, so that they retain their nutrients and healing properties.”

Beside they’re meticulous processing practices, I love that all but one of their products are 100% certified organic! I already own Jamaican Black Castor oil, so the first chance I got I asked Lois, “What are a couple of your favorite products?!?!” Although I know they’re all her favorites, she was gracious enough to indulge my curiosity. What tops the list:

Strong Roots: Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil– Formulated to improve circulation and oxygenate the blood with the help of wheat germ. Strong Roots is perfect for treating thinning hair due to weaves, braids, relaxers or aging. For many women who are at the end of their rope with their mane, Lois recommends this as a first line of defense.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil: Protein Conditioner– Believe it or not, Lois created this awesome conditioner as a young girl and used to give the recipe out for free! To help strengthen hair when it’s weak and fragile, Lois recommends giving your strands a strong defense with this conditioner. For emergency situations, she suggests mixing an egg into it for an added boost. 

Khus Khus Body Butter with Jamaican Black Castor Oil– Perfect for the upcoming winter months, Khus Khus Body Butter soothes and heals. Those suffering from eczema may want to give this body butter a try in conjunction with Tropic Isle Living’s Jamaican Bush Bath. This dynamic combination should help soothe the itch and smooth the surface of your skin.

Tropic Isle Living is a company grounded in tradition, integrity and passion for healthy living. Be sure to add them on Facebook and tune into WWWE, AM 1100 (Atlanta’s Sports and Entertainment Radio) from 2:00pm-3:00pm every Tuesday to learn health tips from the owner, Lois Reid-Hines herself!


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